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Simple outdoor patio lighting ideas ready for the summer

Outdoor Patio Lighting - Litecraft

Outdoor entertaining is always fun and will definitely be on the agenda for the coming months in homes all over the UK. When the sun beats down, we automatically think garden party and barbecue. That’s why it’s important to give your outdoor patio areas some much needed TLC. Whether you’ve got guests over for an impromptu barbecue. You’re putting on a midsummer gathering or simply catching a few evening rays after a long day at work, a good patio area is a must.

Outdoor patio lighting is a key element to any patio or decking area, it provides atmosphere as well as a practical aide. Who wants to relax outside in the darkness anyway? There are plenty of ways to add illumination to your patio spaces. Therefore, today we’ll look at the following lighting tips to help illuminate these specific areas:

  • using internal lighting to give an outdoor glow;
  • basic porch lighting;
  • novelty lighting such as string lights, parasol lighting and outdoor table lanterns;
  • recessed path lighting;
  • outdoor patio lighting for sheltered areas.

Using internal lighting to give an outdoor glow

If you’re blessed with large windows in your home that look out onto your patio area, take advantage of this. Create a warm outdoor glow by lighting your indoors. The large windows will cast a magical golden hue over your patio area. This style of lighting also creates a calming flow from the interior of your home to the outside space.

Basic porch lighting

Using internal lighting to give an outdoor glow - Litecraft

As you make your way out towards your patio area you should think about the journey you take. If you have a porch or veranda, you need to consider lighting this section leading up to the patio are. For a safe and practical walkway we suggest adding some porch wall lighting either side of a doorway. Alternatively, pedestal lighting will also give a subtle ambience as you make your way to the patio area.

Novelty outdoor lighting

Novelty outdoor lighting - Litecraft

Outdoor Patio Lighting string-lights - Litecraft

Tree lined patios will benefit greatly from a cluster of string lights. These can be either wrapped around the tree trunk or simply draped over the branches. This is a perfect lighting tip, ideal for alfresco dining and also for adding an intimate atmosphere. Furthermore, if you have a parasol that perches over your patio seating area you can choose clip-on parasol solar lights that will give a simple glow over the table area. Floor and table lanterns are super on trend at the moment, display with battery powered faux candles and you’ve instantly created a romantic patio area. Furthermore, fire pits and chimeneas can create a natural glow whilst also giving off some heat to the patio area, which is ideal once the sun goes down.

Recessed path lighting

Recessed path lighting - Litecraft

Ensure your patio area is ready for entertaining by adding some strategically placed recessed lighting. Install these handy little gems along paths and walkways to offer a guiding light for yourself and guests. You can also line them along steps if you have them leading up to a patio or decked area. Recessed lighting also works wonders when installed below trees and shrubbery. Lining your patio area with recessed ground lights emphasize the area, creating a wash of light ideal for gatherings.

Outdoor patio lighting for sheltered areas

Outdoor Patio Lighting Lanterns - Litecraft

Sheltered patios or large porches are great for the unpredictable UK weather. So if you’re blessed with either of these outdoor structures you should take full advantage with a fixed lighting scheme that doesn’t necessarily rely on solar power. Choosing hanging lanterns that can be fixed to a porch ceiling or door way will give a large wash of light over a larger stretch of area. Meanwhile, lantern table lamps can be used for outdoor lighting, as long as the area is sheltered from rain. Just don’t forget to take these back indoors at the end of the day or if the weather suddenly turns.

There are so many ways to bring your outdoor areas to life with a simple switch of a light. How do you keep your patio areas bright and cheery during the summer months? Comment below, we’d love to hear your outdoor patio lighting ideas.

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