If you're hosting your own NYE Party, have a look at our tips & solutions for planning your own do!

Choose the B.Y.O rule, ask all your NYE Party guests to bring their own tipple and grub, this will save you time and money.

Put table and glassware in open shelving or neatly displayed on a side table or kitchen surface for guests to help themselves from.

Make sure you have enough chairs around the main NYE party area. More so, at the dining table, 'emergency' chairs are vital for elderly guests.

Store away kitchen appliances and anything you won't be using on the day such as toasters and bread bin. For instance, you'll need as much kitchen surface space as possible for preparing buffet food. Fill a bucket or sink with water and ice to chill champagne and beers. For example, bottles can take up too much space in the fridge.

Don't pack up your outdoor lights just yet! Run some string lights along the staircase and banister to guide visitors to the bathroom or hang outside to illuminate the porch or back garden for smokers.

For an ice breaker or a statement talking point why not splash out on a stunning crystal chandelier!

crystal lighting for nye party