Halloween Lighting Ideas

With Halloween a little less than a week away it’s time to decorate your home ready for the ghoulish festivities and we’re here to help you create a fun and frightening interior ready for the weekend. Get your craft hats on as some of these lighting ideas require a bit of DIY and craft-making.

Key lighting ideas for a Halloween Party:

  • vintage style chandeliers;
  • festoon string lighting;
  • faux candles;
  • marquee lighting;
  • outdoor posts and pedestal lighting.

Vintage style chandeliers

We’ve all seen those horror films with the old dilapidated house at the end of the street. A large chandelier swings in the grand hallway underneath a layer of cobwebs and dust. Recreate this look in your home by adding faux cobwebs and plastic spiders to your hallway and lounge chandeliers. Be careful not to cover the bulbs as this can be a fire hazard. Drape the cobwebs over the chandelier arms so they dangle overhead as you and your guests walk underneath. Vintage style chandeliers with rustic brushed metal arms in brass or black finishes will add to the ghoulish effect. Furthermore, add cobwebs entwined with plastic spiders and mini squash pumpkins alongside boards and mantle pieces to create a flowing look throughout. You can even take the Halloween theme into the bathroom with our selection of bathroom chandeliers.

Halloween Lighting Ideas Halloween Lighting Ideas Halloween Lighting Ideas

Festoon String lighting ideas

A fun way to add a temporary lighting effect especially for Halloween is to incorporate some festoon style string lights into your interiors. These can be draped along mantel pieces, wrapped around banisters and balustrades or simply hung across windows and doors. To add a touch of Halloween get a marker pen and some felt tip pens and draw googly eye balls onto each festoon ball. Our Litecraft Festoon String Lights come in white or multi-colour are 1180cm and mains wired so don’t worry about stocking up on batteries for this look.

Halloween Lighting Ideas Halloween Lighting Ideas - taken from Pinterest

Faux candles

Flickering candles, melted wax and pools of whimsical light always crop up in horror films and other spooky reenactments. They create an eerie sense, an uncanny feeling when they flicker, especially if there’s no wind. Cluster candles together with mini pumpkins and other Halloween paraphernalia on a side table at the entrance of your home to give a first impression to trick or treaters. Then carry the theme on throughout the house, on coffee tables, buffet tables if you’re having a party, along stairs to give a guiding light or even place them inside hurricane glass holders for a chic ghostly display. For a safer child friendly option Litecraft have a trio of Faux LED Candles that give the illusion of a flicking candle but without any messy wax or lingering smoky smells.

Halloween Lighting Ideas

Marquee lighting ideas

Sign lights are all the range at the moment, so why not incorporate them into your Halloween display too? We all know the horrifying film that’s had a remake this year. The one with the clown wreaking havoc on a group of kids in a small American town. Take inspiration from this film and create a Halloween circus setting. Display one of our sign lights on a shelf with a creepy clown painted pumpkin, some cobweb covered popcorn and a macabre looking doll. Again, drape some fake cobwebs and plastic spiders over the marquee light to give an abandoned and isolated look. Our new line of sign marquee lighting includes a Red heart, a white Star, a Blue arrow and a grey Ampersand, all mains powered and with integrated LED technology.

Halloween Lighting Ideas Halloween Lighting Ideas

Outdoor posts and pedestal lighting ideas

Don’t forget to dress up your exteriors as well as interiors this Halloween, entice those trick or treaters and let them know your game for Halloween with some frightful outdoor designs. A great way to add an outdoor Halloween display is to use your posts or pedestals. Drape an old white cloth over your post, draw on two black eyes and you’ve created a mini ghost. This display will also act as a ghoulish guiding light for your visitors.

Halloween Lighting Ideas

Let us know your lighting ideas for Halloween in the comments below.