home gym lighting

Home gyms are all the range these days. It’s not just your body and lifestyle you should keep fit and healthy, looking after your bank balance is key too. We’re turning spaces in the home into mini gyms and exercise areas, scrapping the monthly membership charges and working out from home. However, sometimes our home spaces aren’t fully equipped for a workout space. Therefore, by making some simple lighting and furnishing changes you can improve your indoor fitness experience. Here are some lighting tips for your home gym:

  • natural light;
  • avoid fluorescent lighting;
  • avoid direct glare;
  • sync lighting with your workout.

Before you begin, it is essential to plan out the area of your home gym. Map out where each individual equipment will sit within your room. Don’t forget to hang mirrors along the wall in front of each piece of equipment to help you monitor your own progress and also give the illusion of more space. We recommend you do this prior to planning out your lighting scheme to ensure you have a clear plan of where your lighting needs to be installed.

Use natural light when possible

Before introducing artificial light, you should take advantage of any natural light you may have in your chosen exercise space. Natural daylight has been found to promote alertness and energy as well as giving an uplighting and fresh ambience. Take advantage of any large windows or skylights you may have around your home gym by keeping curtains and blinds open. This will allow for a full flush of light to be spread across the area. Using natural light as oppose to artificial fittings will also save on electricity bills.

Avoid fluorescent lighting

Try to avoid installing fluorescent lighting. Whilst giving the brightest light, they can be prone to flickering which can cause headaches and fatigue and the light produced can sometimes be too harsh on the eye. We advise swapping compact fluorescent light bulbs for an LED equivalent.

Avoid direct glare

When installing lighting for your home gym, we advise using overhead lighting. This will give a more even wash of light over the space. Home gyms need to be light and airy with minimal shadows and dark patches to induce a more energising and positive atmosphere. At the same time you should try to avoid any distracting bright pools of light. Such as preventing direct glares against mirrors and surfaces by choosing ceiling fittings as oppose to floor lamps and table lamps. Using recessed lighting or tracked lighting that can be installed into the ceiling will give a streamline and uncluttered feel whilst also introducing an individual and even wash of light across the whole workout space.

home gym lighting

Home Gym Lighting

Sync lighting with your workout

Add some fun to your workouts by syncing your lighting to the beat of your workout music. This is a great way to increase motivation when doing those harder workout routines as well as creating a fun and energetic atmosphere. Colour Changing LED strip lights are great for adding colour and ambience to your home gym.

Do you have a home gym? What style of lighting do you have? Comment below with your own home gym lighting tips.