Lighting ideas for Student Accommodation

Moving to university is one of the biggest steps that you are likely to take in your life – it's a huge move in terms of both education and independence, so you want to make sure that you get through it in the best way possible. For many people, this is also the first time that you experience living on your own, so it’s important to be able to make your limited space as personalised and comforting as possible. This doesn’t have to be seen as a daunting task though, as it presents you with the opportunity to style your room exactly how you see fit, creating the perfect environment for you to live and study inside of. Lighting is one of the trickiest features to use in these rooms, as you obviously aren’t allowed to make any major changes to the structure of the room, which means you aren’t actually allowed to change the fittings that are currently installed. However, you can still create your own theme within these rooms, so here are out top tips and ideas for lighting up student accommodation!

One thing you may notice about student accommodation is the amount of space you have available, or the lack of it as is most commonly found. Utilising the minimal space to the greatest effect will help you to give a more stylish and comforting feel to your room, however there are ways to try to make the space feel larger, helping you to feel far less cramped and giving a more relaxed tone to the household. Facing your desk towards the window can help to bring more natural light into your home and also gives a wider space to look at, cutting out the restricted feel of the room. Modern mirrors also have the same impact, so you could certainly look to incorporate them into your home if you’re looking to give a more spacious effect to a room. Another way could be to use a range of different light within the room’s designs, as this will allow you to give extra focus to certain areas, whilst also offering useful illumination to the surrounding areas.

What style of lights are best for student accommodation

As we mentioned earlier, you need to make sure you stay within the rules of the room that you are staying in, meaning you most likely won’t be able to completely change the light fittings or install any new ones of your own. This could be seen as limiting, however there is still a huge range of different lights available to use which will give a marvellous image and feel to the room. Table lamps are a great choice, as they simply plug into the wall and can be placed anywhere within a radius of the socket, giving a degree of versatility to the interior.

Lighting Ideas for Student Accommodation


You can also utilise floor lamps in the same way for a wider and more comprehensive spread of light across the space which surrounds it such as our LED 2 Light Mother and Child Floor Lamp in Chrome. As a more unique option for a softer and more decorative form of light, string lighting is a superb choice, bringing a simple shine to the room alongside a delicate image and a more relaxed sense of character.

Litecraft suggestions

Here are our top picks for creating a fantastic student accommodation lighting theme:

  • 12 Indoor Festoon String Lights – Multicoloured: This set of colourful string lights is sure to bring a unique and vibrant feel to your dorm room, helping to oust the dull and drag tone it began with and replacing it with a more upbeat and energetic feel that is far more pleasant. These lights have a variety of different coloured shades, offering a very stylish and light hearted feel to the room.
  • Eyeball Table Lamp – Chrome: Coming with a unique design whilst also offering a very effective glow to your home, this fabulous eyeball style table lamp is a quirky addition to any dorm room’s designs. The lamp can be put on any side table or desk and will give a practical glow to the room as is shines. Finished in chrome, this piece has a sleek chrome finish that is ideal for a modern décor.

Lighting Ideas for Student Accommodation

Lighting Ideas for Student Accommodation



We hope these little tips help you to get the most out of the restricted space that you have available in your student accommodation, helping you to make it a more manageable and enjoyable place to spend your time for the duration of your tenure at the university. If you found this blog helpful, we have a whole blog section dedicated to giving you the perfect light inside of any household, so take a look!

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