One of the best feelings during the Autumn months is waking up at the weekend in a plump bed, switching your bedside light on, looking around the room and getting a feeling of content and serenity. When you think of boutique hotels you picture a comfy bed, subtle colours, a great ambience and luxurious ornaments. This look can easily be recreated in the comfort of your own home. The key is to not go overboard with design. Planning a bedroom well will provide comfort and relaxation not only for yourself but for your guests too. Check out our newest pinterest board here.

Lighting up your home with an everyday luxury style

For understated elegance, lighting can sometimes be tricky, you don't want to go too elaborate but at the same time minimalism can be a bit too airy and cold. Find a middle ground and go for a mixture of both, for ceiling lighting check out our boutique style drum shade chandeliers blog post, drum shade chandeliers combine both basic and glam together to create a more everyday luxury feel instead of a full on crystal chandelier. This style of fitting conceals the bling factor to an extent giving your room a more contemporary edge. Table lamps also don't need to be too opulent, go for simple glass bases but choose bulbous styles such as our Nivian Glass Table Lamp - Smoke Grey for more elegance and sculptural appearance, smoked glass finishes will always give that sultry boutique vibe too.

Again wall lighting can be kept to a minimal, flush glass or ceramic wall lights will give some glamour whilst still remaining understated. Our Custom Ceramic Uplighter Wall Light in White can be painted to suit your interior or keep white for a fresh feel.

Everyday Luxury style soft furnishings

A key element to an everyday luxury boudoir is warmth, imagine wrapped in a plump duvet on a fresh Autumn morning, that's why layering is key. Keep things simple when it comes to bedding, a plain bed-set with a subtle embroidery or print will suffice, our Victoria Pair of Double Duvet Covers  features subtle cream pleats and floral embroidered detail, then layer with soft furnishings to glam it up.

Scatter some cushions at the head of the bed in different textures such as silk, faux fur and glitzy sequins and give that pop of glamour whilst also creating layers and depth. Our Venus Round Cushion features a deep teal hue of faux silk ruffles in a pom pom style round cushion. Team this with our Micro Throw in Teal for an injection of colour.

Everyday Luxury style patterns

When deciding on patterns for your boudoir keep to classic and regal designs in keeping with the luxury element. Damask and Rococo styles will add a luxurious feel so think about this when choosing wallpaper, upholstery fabric and linen. Our new Damask Print Easy to Fit Cylinder Collection is great for a hint of luxury featuring a soft damask print, the reversible gimble allows the shade to be used as a ceiling or table lamp too if you want to match your light fittings. Alternatively our Lima Easy Fit Shade in White combines both damask and crystal elements for that extra bit of sparkle. Check out more information on our newest easy to fit shades here.

Everyday Luxury accessories

To complete your everyday luxury interior think about practical items such as mirrors and dressers. For ultimate boudoir chic placing a screen in the corner of your room will give that old glamour feeling as well as adding character to your interior, quilted fabrics for furniture and screens will reinforce the plush boutique look too. As well as dressing table mirrors be sure to include a full length free standing mirror, finish off with vintage antique ornaments. For more inspiration on how to pull this look together, check out our look book below...