A child’s bedroom should be a fun, exciting and creative environment to play, fire up their imaginations and let loose all that youthful energy. Through a combination of decoration and lighting this can be achieved a lot easier than you might think. Here are some suggestions that incorporate design and lighting.

Being a child should be about having as much fun (and mischief) as possible, and this should also be true when it comes to decorating their bedroom, which can be an extension of their high spirits and a way of reflecting their unique and young personalities. After all, it’s the room where they’ll spend a large amount of their time, playing games, reading, and keeping themselves entertained, so creating a room that reflects the energy, exuberance and fun of childhood should always be paramount. This can be effectively achieved through the decorations and lighting you choose for your child’s bedroom to create a space that feels spacious, fun, safe and, appropriately enough, illuminating. So if your kid wants their room to be filled with aliens or pirates, there are plenty of ways you can encourage and fire up their active imaginations through an inspiring combination of artful decoration and effective Children's Lighting.

Bright Colours

Creating a light-hearted and suitably youthful atmosphere can be achieved in the way you paint the use. Using light and neutral coloured paints and pastel colours, for example, invigorates the room with a fresh and airy feel. Avoid dark colours or shades of a duller hue. Kids think positively and brightly and this should reflected with vibrant colours. You and your child might, however, opt for  neutral colours, but it’s all a matter of whatever works.

Wall Stickers

There’s a myriad of wall stickers available that encompass a whole range of characters and themes (Hungry Caterpillar, Winnie The Pooh, Mickey Mouse), so they’re a fantastic way of adding some personality to your child’s room. And if they outgrow them or get bored of them, you can peel them off without damaging the walls.

Glow In The Dark Lighting

Light doesn’t have to just come from a bulb. There are lots of other illuminating lighting ideas that come in the form of glow in the dark stars (and what kid doesn’t love those?), torches and string lights. They can be used to add a magical, other-worldly ambience and can inspire your child’s imagination and creativity.

Lamp Shades

Simple shades for a child’s nursery are inexpensive and therefore can be easily replaced as your child grows up and wants possibly a more character orientated bedroom.  Children’s table lamps can be purchased which are from the same lighting range as the ceiling light. The room could be decorated using colours which blend in with the finish or even the multi-colours of the children’s lighting chosen.

Afraid Of The Dark Lighting

Lots of children are afraid of the dark (or perhaps you’ve been reading them too many bedtime stories), but there are a few good lighting techniques you can use to alleviate any potential night time terrors.  Using a dimmer light to emit a small amount of illumination, night light, or, as mentioned earlier, glow in the dark stars, which don’t actually use nay electricity but give the illusion of making the room brighter.

And Last But Not Least...Safety First

Of course, safety is paramount when it comes to decorating and lighting your child’s room, so if you do have desk lamps they should never get too hot; neither should lights that will be near plastic toys and toy boxes, children’s heads as they read, etc. Opt for LED or CFL bulbs that will never become hot to the touch in these cases. Safety trumps cost with this consideration in mind.

These are just a few decorating and bedroom lighting ideas that are befitting of the fun and imaginative of a child’s mind.