Summers finally here, which means a lot of you will be jetting off to sunnier climates, having a break at the seaside, camping in the country or a long weekend in a quaint cottage. If you're unable to get away this Summer don't fret. With some key lighting and accessory pieces you can create your on holiday home inspired interior, think cute English B&B cottages and boutique guest houses.

When creating this interior, think about when you've visited a country cottage yourself. The main elements to think about for this style of interior include inviting summery colours such as pastel tones that are fresh and clean without being overbearing. Ornate pieces such as vintage an antique finishes and maybe a bit of exposed brick to give a rustic farmhouse edge. It's always an idea to place some fresh cut flowers on a centre table to give your home a sweet smelling aroma. Take a look at our 5 key pieces for a Holiday Home Inspired Interior.

Key pieces for a Holiday Home Inspired Interior


Holiday Home Inspired Interior - Antique Style Chandeliers

Nothing says quaint country cottage quite like a charming crystal chandelier. Antique & shabby chic style fittings are your best bet when choosing ceiling lighting for a cottage style interior. The vintage style will give your home a lived in feel as well as adding a nostalgic note. Place above a shaker kitchen or a stripped -back wood dining table. Hang over the guest bed for a country boutique vibe. Opt for a chandelier that's no bigger than a 5 arm as the size may overwhelm your space.

Holiday Home Inspired Interior - Scatter Cushions

Scatter cushions are a must. As well as adding depth & layering to a room, they give a cosy impact & bring colour. Cute floral ditsy prints & pretty plush styles will add to the country characteristics too. Bird motifs are also a great way of adding a natural vibe to the interior.

Holiday Home Inspired Interior - Accent Lighting

Accent lighting does exactly what it says on the tin. It accentuates features in the home. Place this type of lighting to highlight certain ornaments & to give ambience. Picture wall lights are great for highlighting wall art & photographs. Table lamps are perfect for adding balance to a room with spots of light & to light up forgotten areas. Choose antique finished metal & floral motif shades to keep with the vintage cottage feel.

Holiday Home Inspired Interior - Bunting & String Lights

To give your rooms the illusion of more space, hang an assortment of mirrors on a feature wall. This will also give a quirky style to the interior. Furthermore, mirrors are great for guest rooms, if you have visitors they will need at least a full length mirror to help when getting dressed. But the more the better.

Holiday Home Inspired Interior - Lots of Mirrors

Add typical English flare with some pretty bunting or illuminating string lights. Think country fête or summer festival. Hang bunting at the entrance of the home for a welcoming touch. Inside, wrap your string lights around banisters or balustrades, drape along mantels or place in a vase.

We've pulled together a collection of inspiring English Cottage images over on our pinterest page...

Holiday Home Inspired Interior