Give your interiors a Global Luxe Treatment

It's still a little chilly in the air and some of the UK have woken up to a thin sheet of snow this week. So what better time to start thinking of warmer, more exotic interiors getting you in the mood for the warmer months.

This week we're looking at an increasingly popular interior trend that will get you lusting over lanterns and swooning for some sequins. The Moroccan and African influenced trend that we like to call the Global Luxe treatment combines metallics, prints and warm textures to give a luxurious and exotic faraway feel to your home.

Global Luxe is similar to last years Nomadic Living were we saw rustic and organic styles mingling with Persian influenced patterns and earthy tones. this year we're looking at a more luxurious style by introducing metallic metals and shimmering sequins. Copper is a big trend this year and would sit perfectly within this interior. Mixing different finishes together is also ideal to bring a more eclectic and luxurious element, so don't be shy.

Giving your interiors a Global Luxe treatment

Global Luxe Interior Lighting

A mixture of finishes including copper, brass and even hints of chrome and nickel will add to the luxurious and exotic feel. Choose finishes with a hammered or scratched appearance for a more organic and well-travelled look. Cut-out detail in the form of oriental and African patterns will also create a cultured look. Display with patterned textiles to complete the look. Our new Mini Scratched Table Lamps will add an exotic warm element to your interior. Boasting a scratched metallic finished base with a soft fabric shade that diffuses the light for a sultry illumination. Choose from 3 exotic tones, all options will give a warm glow to your décor.

We chose our new Lyon Flemish 5 Light Chandelier in Polished Nickel as the centre piece for this weeks interior look book. The polished nickel finish creates a show-stopping glow of illumination reflected from the mirror-like finish. The bulbous centre and curved arms gives a more luxurious touch which is further reinforced by the use of dainty candle bulbs.

If you really want to go all out Moroccan then choose a ceiling pendant that captures the essence of Marrakesh, Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries. Our Medina Easy to Fit Moroccan Lantern Shade seen in our look book has all the characteristics of Moroccan splendour captured in one fitting. Moroccan style cut out detail on a domed black lantern shade bounces an exotic array of pattern across your walls and ceiling. Alternatively choose our Shenyang 5 Light Swirly Wire Nest Ceiling Light Pendant also seen in our look book for a more dazzling effect. This eccentric fitting features a wire nest ball encased in an impressive swirled cage made of chrome finished metal. The design offers a more fun and  frivolous addition to what can sometimes be a classy and strict interior.

Global Luxe Interior Soft Furnishings

Team your lighting and accessories with some key soft furnishings. Prints are a big yes when it comes to this interior look and that includes animal designs, our Classic Black and White Zebra Faux Fur Cushion and Leopard Print Jacquard Cushions will add a touch of Safari. Also think about texture, silk and sequin textiles will pull in the luxury element whilst also adding all important layering qualities. For the winter months add some throws and blankets. Our Safari Throw would work a treat with it's combination of luxury gold silk and leopard print detail. If you're not a fan of print then stick to earthy tones and exotic coloured soft furnishings such as natural browns and golds.

When completing your Global Luxe interior, think about exotic and cultural figures and representations such as mosaic vases and urns, Moroccan tea glasses and animal statues. You could also interlink native patterns onto household accessories such as the lovely gold jar and patterned mirror featured in our look book, for more inspiration check out our pinterest board here...

Give your interiors a Global Luxe Treatment

What do you think of this well travelled treatment and luxurious interior look?