Industrial is the urbanites Country Restoration, very similar are these two trends, bringing out the old and making it contemporary.

The main theme running through the increasingly popular trend is it's simple, stripped back and unpretentious elements, a utilitarian appeal . Interiors are raw, practical whilst full of character and nostalgia. These style of interiors show off the original designs used in history, think factory interiors, mill machinery and general industrial design.

Minimalism is key when creating an industrial interior, furniture and accessories should be boldly on display so need to be celebrated in a large space. Keep furniture to a minimum but choose pieces with character, second hand shops are ideal for picking up original designs. Beautiful steel tables and chairs, copper metal shelving and buffed solid wood pieces that show original craftsmanship are ideal for this trend.

A typical industrial interior will have some sort of exposed wall or ceiling, whether it's original brick or concrete, it will be stripped back and cleaned to bring out its original state. This look is taken from the original mills built during the industrial revolution, this element works great as a statement wall.

Lighting fittings should be original and unusual, think recycled industrial pendants, second hand free-standing fittings in steels, chrome and copper finishes. Styles should reflect earlier revolutionary designs whether original pieces or replica items. Accessories in this style of interior are almost like works of art, a statement that industrial design is art.

A neutral palette works best for the industrial look, stark whites and grey tones will compliment the natural element of industrialism, whilst also bringing out the tones of the exposed brick and concrete. Colour can be used with the accessories you choose, so copper from pendants, the orange tones of a solid wooden table. If you really desire an injection of colour then go with pieces that are in retro colours such as faded reds, yellows and blues.

Are you a fan of this look?