A great way to add value to a home as well as fun and character has to be with an extension or conversion. In this case converting an attic is a great way to add a fun and personal room to your home. However, with attic conversions comes design challenges, particularly when it comes to lighting. Here are our design ideas and a few questions to think about when lighting your attic space.

Why are you converting your attic?

The first question you need to ask yourself is what will you be using the converted attic for? Home office, studio, master bedroom or even a child’s nursery? There are so many options for an attic space. How you light a room depends on the type of area it will be illuminating. Will there be a theme, how do you want to feel when you enter? A statement chandelier when you enter to create a grand entrance or a flush ceiling light for a minimal approach?

Measure, Measure, Measure

Get that tape measure out because you’re going to need it. Attics tend to be oddly shaped with low eaves, cosy nook corners, hidden alcoves and sloped ceilings. You’ll need to measure these spaces including the wall heights to determine what type of lighting you will need. For instance, spotlights if it’s a small low-ceilinged attic or flush ceiling lights, the height limit for floor lamps etc. Don’t waste your money on lighting that may not fit in the space.

Lighting for sloped ceilings

You’ll find that most converted attics will feature some sort of sloped ceiling. So be sure to check if pendants and semi flush designs can be adjusted to fit in a small space. Your best bet is to choose a fitting that is described as dual mount, Litecraft have a range of dual mount fittings that can be easily adjusted to fit in any ceiling height. Furthermore, flush ceiling lights such as our such as our Demy 1 Light Flush Ceiling Light will give the same impact as a pendant light but in a more compact fitting.

Ideas when lighting your attic space from Litecraft

Layer your lighting

Natural light is key for an attic space and also easily achievable with Velux style windows. However, natural light isn’t enough, you’ll need artificial light for more illumination and ambience. We recommend 2 to 3 different lighting sources for a layered glow, including a pendant ceiling light, a floor or table lamp and additional recessed downlights. Here are our top picks:

  • 3 pack of White Fixed Recessed Downlights – keep it simple with recessed downlights, slimline and fresh, these little gems can give a direct and fixed light onto any desired area;
  • Ashley 6 Light Dual Mount Pendant Ceiling Light – This chrome fitting will bring a fresh and reflective light to the attic room and the dual mount feature allows you to adjust the fitting to fit in any size ceiling space;
  • Giant 1 Light Task Floor Lamp – Cream – An adjustable neck make this piece ideal for low sloped ceilings.

Ideas when lighting your attic space from Litecraft

Ideas when lighting your attic space from Litecraft Ideas when lighting your attic space from Litecraft

Give the illusion of more space

Attic spaces can feel cramped, so choose a light and airy white or cream tone of paint or wallpaper and create the illusion of more space. You can even paint the floor white for more spatial impact, attic rooms will have less foot traffic and dirt walked in as oppose to down stairs rooms which means you’ll find them easier to keep clean. Choosing a white canvas also allows miss-matched accessories to come together in an eclectic fashion. Furthermore, choosing transparent fittings such as glass, Perspex and acrylic will help create the illusion of more space as well as a fresh and airy ambience.

Keep designs simple

It’s important to remember that most attics will already have an electrical circuit running through the space, which your electrician can use for any lights that you want installing. It’s also good practice to install any switches at the entrance way of the attic for convenience. Both these features can be looked at with your certified electrician. For small attics with low ceilings and minimum space we’d advise installing recessed fixtures, they provide a low profile with a great illumination whilst also a great space saving option.

You can shop for any of our attic style lights here on the Litecraft website, or visit one of our UK stores where you can see first hand, our stunning fittings. You can chat to our staff for some guidance either in person or online via live chat, so you’re sure to be able to find the perfect fittings for your attic space!