Ideas to help light your outdoor steps and raised areas | Litecraft

Gardens are magical little corners of our home. And when given the right amount of love and care they really can create a welcoming first impression to the home. During the day our outdoor spaces are awash with natural light. Flowers and foliage come to life, landscape and structural features flourish in the sunlight. And paths, steps and walkways lead visitors safely to your door. As night falls our gardens can become hazardous and unsafe, especially along uneven surfaces, staircases, steps and raised areas. However, with the correct outdoor lighting you can create a safer illuminated nighttime landscape.
Litecraft recommend installing an outdoor lighting scheme that includes adequate lighting along steps and stairwells. Raised areas such as decking and patios that require a ledge or steps to access should also include some type of illumination. Don’t go overboard with the lighting scheme, you still want to keep a level of ambience to your outdoor areas. Simple decking and walk over lighting will suffice.
Here we’ll look at ways to light your outdoor steps:

  • single lights in centre of each step to spread the level of illumination;
  • using sidelights that shine downward;
  • outdoor posts or pedestals;
  • don’t be afraid to mix a variety of outdoor lighting.

Illuminate each step

Create a wash of light over each step by installing an outdoor recessed light at each level. For narrow staircases one light will be enough. Whereas for wider ledges and steps, spacing several recessed lights along each step will give a safe amount of illumination. Our Terra Drive over lights are a great addition for outdoor spaces. These little gadgets create a soft pool of direct light and can be installed on driveways, decked areas and steps.

Outdoor Terra Drive Over Recessed Groundlight - Diecast Aluminium | Litecraft

Using sidelights that shine downward

Installing sidelights that give a wash of shine down over steps rather than upwards are ideal for lighting stairways. This type of light is more subtle and less dazzling as it shines down away from the eye. Try not to illuminate ever step, instead a few down-lights dotted sporadically every few steps will draw the eye further up the stairs. Litecraft’s Helo grooved down Wall Light will work well for this style of lighting, offering a substantial amount of illumination in a discreet design.

Helo Outdoor Grooved Down Wall Light | Litecraft

Outdoor posts or pedestals

For an alternative design, choose posts and pedestals. Installing a post light at the top and bottom of a staircase will give an overall wash of light along the whole of the steps. Our Dust Post light features a contemporary half moon design in dark anthracite grey that offers a subtle downlight glow. For a larger garden choose a tall post light, install at the front of the garden to greet visitors. The larger the lantern the more scope of light that will shine over the pathway and stairs.

Don’t be afraid to mix a variety of outdoor lighting

Widen your lighting options in your outdoor spaces by introducing a variety of lighting styles. Combine complimenting light installations together with your recessed step lights to offer a more welcoming ambience throughout the whole of your outdoor space. Down Light wall lights placed at entrances will create interesting shadows as well as highlighting architectural features and offering a safe approach to your home. The down cast light will give a wash of illumination across the floor of the entrance area as well as any steps leading up. Spike lights can also help to add subtle illumination to your steps and raised areas. Place inside plant pots or grassy areas and adjust to direct light over specific areas such as pathways and steps. Our Leto outdoor spike light is the perfect outdoor addition, featuring a slim stainless steel design this light can be installed in a discreet manner. Tell us: What’s your outdoor lighting scheme this year?

Robin Downlight Wall Light | Litecraft