Wine Cellar Lighting tips - Litecraft

More than just a place to house your impressive collection of wine, a wine cellar needs to offer drama, hospitality and practicality. Creating the right ambience is key for this type of room, wine cellars can sometimes be dark and cool places so add some key illumination in just the right places. Let’s have a look at some useful lighting tips that will give you the ideal wine seller:

  • low-Heat Light Sources;
  • wall washing and track lighting;
  • coloured LED lights for designer wine cellar lighting;
  • accent lights for shelves and bottle;
  • backlighting wine racks;
  • use chandeliers and hanging lights if your wine cellar’s ceiling is rather high.

Low-Heat Light Sources

Don’t let too much heat come close to your wine collection, it can have a considerable effect on the shelf life of a bottled wine. So to avoid any over-heating choose cooler bulbs that are cool to the touch. Bulbs with LED technology are great for a cooler output.

Wall washing down-lights and track lighting

Wine Cellar Lighting - Litecraft

Wall-wash lighting - Litecraft

A typical wine cellar should showcase wall to ceiling shelving to store all your wine bottles. A handy and practical way to give illumination is to use wall washing downlights, particularly LED style for a cooler light. Install them on the ceiling and adjust the angle of the beam to give a wash of illumination over the shelves and highlighting each wine bottle. Another great way to give a practical ambience is through the use of track lighting, each lamp head can be adjusted to illuminate a specific area whilst not overpowering the cellar space.

Coloured LED lights for designer wine cellar lighting

To add a versatile look to your wine cellar, consider adding coloured LED Lights. This will add a fun twist to your cellar whilst still giving a practical illumination. Place about shelving that has a ledge at the top, or below racking to give a wash along the floor of your cellar. Dimmable designs are perfect too as you can control the amount of glow produced, giving just the right amount of ambience.

Accent Lights for shelves and bottle

Accent lighting can be introduction to highlight specific points in your cellar. For instance, illuminating specific bottles (maybe your favourite tipple), highlighting architectural features or simply showcasing the shelves. Accent lighting gives an additional layer of lighting to the space which thus creates a more visual impact for guests coming to admire your collection. Use strip lighting to highlight each shelf for a uniform look, or place one or two in the middle of a shelf to highlight a particular bottle. Get creative with your lighting, accent your shelves from below, under-cabinet lighting can also work wonders when highlighting individual bottles.

Backlighting wine racks

Illuminating the walls and back of your wine cellar shelves will give a dramatic impact. Introducing back lighting will give an illumination that will literally shine right through your wine bottles. Creating an enchanting effect as each bottle is illuminated. This is a fun yet modern way to add drama and effect.

Use chandeliers and hanging lights

Add a dramatic finishing touch to your wine cellar with a pendant or chandelier ceiling fitting. Depending on the size of your wine cellar, this style of ceiling fitting will add the perfect amount of romance to your cellar. A romantic ambience is key for this type of room and would definitely set the mood for a great evening. A fun addition would be to add one of our bestselling Wine Glass Chandeliers. We’d recommend only installing this style of fitting if you have space, tall ceiling-ed wine cellars will benefit more from a ceiling pendant or chandelier. What type of wine cellar lighting would you suggest?