This week we wanted to inspire you to add a bit of Glass Glamour to your interiors. Our Waterford range lights are specially designed for bathroom use, but they will also look majestic in any other room of your home. So embrace the glamour of glass and create a twinkling ambience in any room of your home with our beautiful Waterford lighting range. Here are three different styles for you to choose from.

Glass glamour be inspired draft

Harmonious Elegance

This is a very feminine and delicate look that combines shimmering glass and subtle splashes of pink. A great look for a refined living room. Fresh cut flowers are great for adding colour to your interiors. If you are looking for a bigger style impact opt for larger pieces, such as sofa or an arm chair. Choose a ceiling light fitting that’s striking and elegant. Our Marquis by Waterford - Annalee Large LED 5 Light Chandelier will be a very charming addition to Glass Glamour inspired room. Vintage design combined with modern technology for glamorous and energy efficient ambience.

Decorative glass table lamps will finish this look and allow you to create a more subtle and laid back ambience in the room. Have you seen our new LED Lotus Style Crystal Table Lamp? This little gem is crafted from high quality cut glass and looks stunning even when it’s not switched on.

Twinkling Retreat

Bring the Glass Glamour into your bedroom and create a Twinkling Retreat that you won’t want to leave. We took our inspiration for this look from the iconic Tiffany jewellery to create a sophisticated look that will make you feel very special. Refined glass details combined with light and airy colour pallet and featuring pops of teal blue is what describes this look.

Our Marquis by Waterford - Lagan LED 7 Light Cascading Ceiling Pendant has a shimmering design and is adjustable in height. With this beautiful pendant light you can create a twinkling ambience even in rooms with low ceiling.

Glass decanters add vintage charm. You can use them to store your favourite perfume, as a décor element or even as a light fixture. Decanter design has become so popular that we currently offer 5 different decanter table lamps for you to choose from. So pick your favourite light here!

Sharp & Minimal

We have also thought about those of you who prefer sleek and masculine designs. This look is about creating a sharp and minimalist look that’s eye catching, but not too cluttered. We have said this before and we’ll say it again… Lustrous glass goes well with rugged concrete. The clash of materials creates a strong style statement and draws the eye.

Don’t be afraid from oversized design elements, like a large wall clocks or a massive mirrors to decorate your walls. When it comes to lighting, you should go for statement pieces that are sleek and elegant. Our Marquis by Waterford - Foyle LED 8 Light Ceiling Pendant is 60 centimetres wide and it’s great for filling your room with style and bright light.

To soften the cold look that glass and concrete can sometimes create add some greenery with plant pots. This will make the space feel more welcoming and lived in.

What’s your favourite Glass Glamour look? Let us know in comments below.