French country style lighting

French country style lighting ideas from Litecraft

Giving a unique sense of style to your home is an important part of the interior design process. It will allow you to create a theme within the household that is relevant to your own tastes. French country style lighting is perfect for homes looking for a rustic look with elegant undertones. This will create a wonderful atmosphere and image inside of your home. We know that searching for the perfect lights can be a tricky task. So we’re going to offer a few ideas, hints and tips on how you can introduce French country style lighting. Then allowing this into your own interiors!

The main points that this article is going to focus on are as follows:

  • what is French country style lighting;
  • where can you use it;
  • how to create an unusual French country style theme within your home.

What is French country style

It’s one of the most on trend looks for any household at the moment, but what is French country style lighting? Well, this theme is one which is built upon distinctively rustic and traditional tones, offering a laid-back classic feel to the interiors that you utilise this look inside of. This theme is to provide ideas for the perfect way to bring a more elegant twist to your home and its interiors, which is sure to give a unique sense of sophistication to the household. French country style uses a range of different colours from across the spectrum, from sunny yellows to burnt reds and rust, there is a huge variety which allows you to create your own personalised take on the theme.

Where can you use lighting in this style

The lighting that you use inside of your home has a huge impact on the overall image and tone of the interior, so it’s important to ensure that you get it right in order to produce the perfect theme for your home. You can use lighting within your French country style interiors for a truly mesmerising image, with a range of pendants, lamps, wall lights and more offering the ideal image to the décor. The Carter range, featuring this stunning 25 light 2 tier pendant light, is sure to help bring a rustic and elegant feel to your home, with the simplistic design and vintage rust finish helping to create a retro and traditional theme. The lights are located in a circle structure, with mechanical style bulb holders giving a unique look, allowing for a wider and more effective spread of light across the room.

French country style lighting

Unique uses for French country style lighting

Utilising these lights in a more unusual and inventive manner. In addition, this will help to give your home its own personal sense of style. This will produce a more homely and comforting feel for the household. Mixing the rustic tone of the French country style theme in with a more modern interior is likely to give a very unique image to your home. Whilst also giving an eclectic mix of era’s for a more contemporary and imaginative feel. You can choose to do this in either a subtle or bod manner. Depending on how much of the traditional twist you are looking to bring into your home.

For a bolder effect, pendant lights are a great choice thanks to their eye-catching hanging structure. This is sure to grab the attention of anyone who enters the room. On the other hand lamps such as this wonderful Tiffany style jewel 16 inch table lamp with honey coloured shade are perfect additions to the interior. offering a soft and soothing glow to your home alongside a vintage image. Which is sure to give a unique hint of French country style to your interiors.

French country style lighting

Following these ideas is sure to give you enough knowledge to start putting your own French country style interior together. Also bringing this trendy and elegant theme to your home! You can view our full range of lights by visiting us either online or in store. Here you’ll be able to chat with a Litecraft representative. Who are online in person to help you with any of your lighting queries.


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