Transform your exteriors with Outdoor Steel Lighting

Robust, weatherproof and versatile finishes are a must when choosing outdoor lighting and accessories. Especially in the UK. In addition when the weather can quickly change from high winds and drizzly downpours to sunny spells and scorching patios. Metal finishes need to be corrosion resistant and protected from rust and staining.

Galvanised or Zinc steel finishes weather at a very slow rate which gives the coating a longer life. This means the typical UK weather can lash down as much as it wants. Consequently you'll still have a lovely lighting system that looks like new.

Stainless steel is another common finish used for outdoor materials. We have over 60 stainless steel finished outdoor lights available in our range. This metal does exactly what it says in the name. It's resistance to stain and corrosion make it ideal for outdoor use. Stainless steel also has a beautiful sheen in the finish. This looks great in a contemporary exteriors. It's strength and durability makes this a lasting metal for your outdoor spaces.

We've pulled together our pick of zinc, galvanised and stainless steel outdoor lights. Further more this is to help you recreate a contemporary garden exteriors. Whether it's a small patio or a few acres of lawn.

Transform your exterior with Outdoor Steel Lighting

Outdoor Steel Lighting : Stunning Steels

Add a vintage and industrial look by choosing nostalgic stainless steel lighting together with vintage outdoor accessories. Our Leith Outdoor Station Lantern Style Wall Light offers a robust and corrosion resistant finish. Together with a stylish clear shade that exposes the bulb for a vintage appearance. We've teamed this with some old fashioned style florist buckets in a galvanised finish. Also an aluminium slatted chair to complete the transform.

Outdoor Steel Lighting : Lavender & Zinc

Teaming lavender plants ad foliage, there just something about the combination. There's a calming British countryside feel that comes with Lavender. Think of the tranquil lilac hue and calming scent of a lavender field. This calming notion contrasts perfectly with the harsher feel of zinc and steel finishes.

Outdoor Steel Lighting : Galvanised & Zinc

Galvanised and Zinc metal can also be introduced in an industrial exterior. Further more, add concrete accessories and furniture to reinforce the urban feel. Our Lark Tiered Outdoor Fishermans Lantern comes in a galvanised metal finish whilst a slatted tiered design surrounds a glass shade which exposes a bulb. The design is reminiscent of old fisherman style lighting which adds to the industrial aspect. Again, we have teamed this with a lavender plant for contrast and a heavy concrete side table. The perfect combination for a lazy summer evening.

Outdoor Steel Lighting : Grey

Finally, adding soft greys such as Putty and Chrome to your outdoor spaces brings a softer more contemporary style. This metal bird house adds a quaint country touch. This softens the harsh steel look.  For smaller outdoor spaces make sure you make the most out of your limited space. Planters filled with luscious coloured foliage will add a natural and colourful accent. Keep these illuminated all day and night with out Outdoor Stainless Steel Solar Lights. These helpful little gems will light up pretty much anything. Stick them in planters, shrubbery and window boxes to highlight plants.

What do you think of this Galvanised Style?

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