There's something about a vintage/retro Christmas, the feeling of history and nostalgia combined with our favourite time of year that makes this season feel all the more exciting and meaningful. Some of our most loved Christmas films came out in this era such as White Christmas (1954) and A Christmas Carol (1951). This week we're helping all you mid-century modern fans create a 1950's nostalgic Christmas interior with Christmas lighting and accessories.

We touched on the mid-century modern look earlier this year, looking at designers such as Orla Kiely and Jonathan Adler who use their love of the forties and fifties to design mid-century style home-ware. 1950's interiors are a bold choice, comprising of large prints and kitsch ornaments. The mid-century modern style technically began in the late forties, firmly taking hold when the fifties hit. With the growth of the economy, construction and manufacturing companies increased. Industrial style furniture became a dominated fixture in many homes, whilst a palette of bold and airy colours and statement designs took centre stage. The use of new materials such as fibre-glass and plastic resin made way for mass produced furniture that would fit well into a minimalistic interior. Check out mid-century designers Charles and Ray Eames, they created mass produced designs for homes and even influenced the architecture at the time.

Litecraft have a number of 1950's inspired lighting to help get a mid-century modern effect. Our Replica Circa range boasts several fifties style replica pieces. Such as our Replica Circa 1957 Chandelier. Almost resembling a festive Christmas tree in shape, this is a statement piece that will look amazing suspended above a dining table or taking centre stage in the lounge area.

Retro designs such as our Parabolic Floor Lamp in Black will add a 1950's Hollywood vibe to the home. This piece will create a focal point to the home as well as adding some much needed ambience.

If you're after just a few hints of 1950's décor, choose a small table lamp or desk lamp, our Eyeball Table Lamps are ideal. Fabulous little rays of light, these little gems will cast a large scope of light onto a specific area. An adjustable shade element allows light to be cast on to a specific area. With a retro design these lamps would make a stylish addition to any home office, study area and lounge. Or for a cheaper alternative, check out our Timmy Range.

When it comes to adding some festive flare, try to keep to the 1950's vibe. Christmas decorations in the fifties comprised of kitsch and colourful ornaments, lots of tinsel and vintage Santa paraphernalia. You can easily find vintage and retro Christmas decorations on eBay and other sites on the internet. Check out our Christmas : 1950's Nostalgia board over on Pinterest.