Sometimes choosing the perfect wedding gift can be stressful. Gone are the days of fine china sets, luxury towels and slow cookers. Most newlyweds are already home owners. Already settled down in their home with a family so there's even more pressure to get something they like and need. Do you give them money, something for the home or gift a trip away?

Choosing lighting for a wedding gift

What can I buy for a wedding gift?

It really boils down to the couple you’re buying for. What are their circumstances? It’s best to do some digging before the big day. A few questions to think about:

  • are they planning a holiday or honeymoon after the wedding?
  • do they own their own home?
  • how long have they lived together?
  • are they refurbishing or renting?

These are the type of questions you need to look at to narrow down possible gift ideas. If they are hoping to go on a honeymoon after the wedding, then currency might be the best option as a gift. If the couple you’re buying for are already happily settled and own their own home then they’re probably not going to need any new home ware.

Can I buy a light as a wedding gift and how do I know what type of fitting to choose?

With the wide range of lighting options available these days, it’s so easy to buy a light as a wedding gift and it also shows the special couple that you’ve put some extra thought into their present. If you know they are planning to renovate, take advantage of this. The next question you need to look at is style and taste. Your friends might have a particular style of interior that they prefer and believe us, there are many. You wouldn’t want to buy a traditional light when they have a more contemporary taste.

Think about these questions when deciding on your gift:

  • what is their preferred interior style?
  • do they own their home or are they renting?
  • what’s their favoured colour palette?

Firstly, we’d recommend opting for decorative accent lighting. Unless you know they want a specific fitting such as a mounted chandelier. It’s best to choose accent lighting that can be moved around and doesn’t stay fitted to a ceiling or wall such as table lamps and non-elect fittings. So in time if they want to move the light into another place in the room or even to another room in the house then they have that option.

What lights are best for specific interior styles?

Light boxes and marquee lights add personality and character to an interior.Novelty and quirky decorative lights are great ideas for a wedding gift. This style of lighting works well in laid back interiors such as industrial, reclaimed and shabby chic settings. They can be displayed on a shelf or mantelpiece amongst a cluster of other ornaments and frames or placed on an accent wall as a feature piece. Litecraft have a range of light boxes and marquee style designs that are bang on trend at the moment.

Wedding Lighting Gift Ideas

Hurricane lanterns, decanter lamps and clustered bottle lamps are super trendy right now. There’s something about twinkling lights encased in glass that give that warm fuzzy feeling. They create a sense of calm and serenity. That’s why we think they’d be ideal as a wedding gift. They offer a whimsical and fun touch. Placing at the foot of the fireplace with flickering candles and clustered vases will give a laid back Scandi feel. When lit these little accents of light will offer a warm ambience for the special couple. If the newlyweds prefer the minimalist style for their home then lantern table lamps and fairy light bottles are a must.

Wedding Lighting Gift Ideas

What if they don't own their own home?

If the bride and groom are renting their property and don’t have much scope to completely redecorate, why not think about non-elect and easy to fit ceiling lights? These days it’s so easy to create an on-trend interior on a budget. Non-elect and easy to fit ceiling lights offer all the style and grandeur of a permanent ceiling fitting but on a smaller scale and at a cheaper price. Easy to fit shades simply fit over the existing light bulb so your friends won’t need to call an electrician out to fit it. Our range of easy to fit lights range from shabby chic and Scandinavian designs to industrial and retro style pendants. If the lucky couple prefer a more glamorous style, most of our core crystal chandelier ranges even include an easy fit option.

Wedding Lighting Gift Ideas

So, if you’re looking for the ideal wedding gift, we’d recommend choosing something a little out of the norm and go for a stunning light.