If you go down to the woods today… be sure to find some great Woodland Charm inspirations!

The woodland charm interior theme is such a simple and easy trend to choose especially at this time of year. Just look out of the window and all you need is right in front of you. Unless you live in a busy city centre then maybe not so much. However, for those blessed with the charm of rural surroundings, this theme will be perfect.

Forage through your garden or local parks

Firstly, this trend focuses on the outdoors. Therefore start by foraging through your garden, local parks and around your homes. Furthermore, look for pine-cones and chestnuts whilst out on your wintery walk. Holly leaves and ivy trails can be easily found at your local garden centre. This green foliage looks great in bunches in the centre of a dressed table. Also, entwined with fairy lights over a mantle or wrapped around the banister. Furthermore, twisted willow can be used for garland, twisted around your chandelier or put amongst branches in a vase. Spray pine-cones and willow with a frosting of fake snow for Narnia nostalgia. This look is perfect for an update on the cheap, a lot of the accessories can be hand made; so if you’re a creative creature then this trend is right up your… garden path.

Neutral and Earthy Woodland Charm Colours

Keep colours neutral and earthy, the woodland charm trend is all about nature and natural finishes, introduce colour through the green of the foliage and the deep browns of wooden and rattan accessories. Antique brass and gold finished lights will compliment the soft earthy tones. The overall look should ooze rustic country, so limit the amount of glitz and sparkle; it’s all about natural inspirations. If you’re craving more colour then add a subtle hint of mustard, this will compliment the earthy wood charm colours and matches the mustard and orange tones of a warm roaring wood fire.

Cushions and Linen

Choose cushions and linen with prints and motifs of your favourite forest friends - owls, foxes, reindeer and squirrels have been popular throughout the year and what better time than the festive season to up the element of furry fun. Add robins for extra woodland charm.