Be Inspired : Tips for lighting Hallways & Staircases

Be Inspired : Tips for lighting Hallways & Staircases

The hallway… Often overlooked as that manic space where everyone battles to grab their coats and put on their shoes. However, one thing we must remember, your hallway is the room that welcomes guests into your home! That first impression, and with the darker nights moving in you want to make sure your hallway and stairwells give a welcoming ambience...

Of course lighting in your hallway needs to be practical, but that doesn't mean it can’t be decorative! Think lanterns, stunning pendants and posh chandeliers to create that desired look you dream of!

Now, first things first, you must plan your lighting correctly in any room depending on the space you’re working with, and the hallway is no different! Planning is key…

If your home has a low ceiling then there’s no point in hanging a pendant light as this would only make the space feel even smaller. To take full advantage of the little space you may have, try spotlights, preferably recessed into the ceiling or on a bar. This way you can create a stunning, bright space without cramping it with lights! With the correct bulb, spotlights can mimic daylight without attracting too much attention, giving a seamless modern look.

Be Inspired : Tips for lighting Hallways & Staircases

On the other hand, if yours is a period home or a large new build, chances are the ceilings will be high enough to take a fitting with that real-wow factor! Just one single chandelier or pendant can give your tired hallway that touch of glamour and occasion. Some chandeliers offer a dual mount option to enable a flush fitting if your ceiling isn't quite high enough but almost all chandeliers will come with an adjustable chain to change the height. Tiered pendants work well hanging central over large staircases and reception areas. Compared to recessed lighting a chandelier may not give off as much light, so it likely you will need other lights too. A good way to emphasise the focal fitting would be to use a couple of spotlights directed onto the chandelier to really add the glamour and make it pop as well as reflecting light off the beautiful crystals droplets.

Floor-level lighting is the perfect way to add drama to your hallway and direct the eye down and up the stair case. For a modern look try using recessed wall lighting low to the floor to give that simple and airy look or even better choose LED strip lighting, available in rigid and flexible option, place across each step or run under the banister. This is an ideal way of creating a subtle glow and will help reduce the number of accidents in the home.

A more traditional way to light your hallway would be to use a table lamp sat on a side table, pull together some photo frames a lovely vase of flowers and a mirror for a focal area. Accent lighting is a great way of lighting the hallway to give that welcoming glow throughout the winter months and give more light when required!

It’s best to keep your hallway bright and airy by choosing subtle light coloured paint and wallpaper, this will open up the area and prevent a claustrophobic feel for visitors.