Whilst we still love the rawness of the Industrial trend, Christmas is not too far away and our crystal season is in full swing so we thought we’d look at the softer side of Industrial, a trend we like to call Rough Luxe…

Rough Luxe incorporates similar elements to the industrial trend but with more luxurious additions, think old stately homes as oppose to converted factories, a palatial country estate rather than a disused mill. Rough Luxe strips back contemporary veneers to reveal the by-gone years, antique furniture sits in its original state revealing worn imperfections. You could say the trend is a mixture of shabby chic and industrial. When we’re creating rough luxe in our home, it’s not always essential to add actual vintage pieces, contemporary items can be found with a distressed effect that will easily fit in with this trend.

Accents of colour from accessories and furniture should be a lot softer, more glamorous and easier on the eye as oppose to harsh industrial features, rough edged wood and sharp metal objects. You’ll see more crystal than glass, gentle curves in place of severe lines, pretty ornate accessories rather than machine like instruments. The industrial element comes into play with distressed walls, raw concrete or wood flooring, rough luxe aims to reveal the history and stories behind the building but rather than industrial factories think old Victorian homes with original molding detail, grand fireplaces revealing old brick and faded corner coves. The best part of Rough Luxe is its uniqueness; every home will be different depending on the character and history of its surroundings.

Lighting & Accessories

The most luxurious of lighting comes from chandelier, pendants and wall lights; rough luxe drools over these fittings, especially the crystal kind. Choose brushed gold and brass metals and distressed cream finishes to mix the two looks of old and new, the luxe aspect comes from the beautifully cut crystal gems and the stunning curved arms of the fittings, juxtapose against a perfectly paint peeled wall or exposed brick fireplace. Furniture will comprise of old style chaise longues, antique dressers and Victorian style tables and chairs, add layers and texture with patterned throws and cushions, boudoir style cushions will enhance the elegance factor. If you feel this is too antique looking, add wrought iron framed furniture to bring back the roughness. Old rugs with faded patterns will accentuate the historical elements of the room whilst also creating layers and warmth.


Stripping back walls should reveal layers of old paint; years of redecorating will come to life with every peel, find the colour from the walls and add hints of that colour around the room through accessories. Victorian burgundies and warm ruby reds will compliment the coldness from the bare walls, emerald greens and navy blues will add a regal feel. For a more pretty vintage feel choose faded pastel pinks and yellows. Gold is a big yes when it comes to rough luxe so add gold or brass finishes and hints of gold trimmings for soft furnishings.

If you’re a fan of the Rough Luxe trend why not take a look at the stunning aptly name Rough Luxe Hotel in London! You’ll find bare walls stripped of their finish, revealing chipped concrete, old paint and rustic pipe-work a backdrop for their luxurious boudoirs and bathroom suites.

Here's our Rough Luxe Look Book

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