Inspired by faraway destinations and the laid-back lifestyle of traditional Nomad travellers this look is all about nature, organic references, cultural motifs and fabric adorned with native patterns. Nomad-ism is a lifestyle adapted by many people over many years, taken from the Greek meaning, one who wanders about for pasture. Nomads can be found all over the world but mainly residents of hotter climates such as Mongolia, Australian Nomads known as Aborigines, Egyptian Bedouin and Asia.

Incorporating this look is easy especially if you're fond of travelling yourself, the main element of Nomadic Interiors is to appear well travelled, choosing rustic and organic elements is key. You can either focus on one cultural theme such as the style of Morocco and Marrakesh which would centre around lots of gold ornaments and lanterns infused with exotic pinks and orange layers of silk or mix several cultural looks together creating an eclectic feel. Think Indian Buddha sculptures, Indonesian Style Rattan and Bamboo, Persian inspired rugs and fabrics and exotic plant inspired colours all against either a Grecian white of Sahara sand backdrop.



To get the look keep your canvas neutral think gold, sandy tones and natural brown woods. Add colour with accessories, these should reflect natural elements such as ocean blue, turquoise, foliage inspired olive greens, pinks and purples taken from exotic plants and the red dye of the Morinda Tree which is used heavily in Ikat fabric. Persian rugs focus heavily on the use of colour and pattern and are a great focal point. Other patterns to consider when dressing your room with accessories are Aztec and Chevron prints.


Lantern pendants are ideal for lighting up a nomadic themed room as they reflect the original lanterns used by Nomads in the desert and mountainous areas as well as adding an exotic ambience. For a more earthy feel and reinforcing a more Asian style opt for rattan and bamboo shades together with matching rattan furniture.






Here's our look book to help you recreate this theme in your home, for more inspiration check out our Nomadic Living Board on Pinterest.

Be Inspired : Nomadic Living Look Book