For practical loving home-owners this trend is perfect as it's all about modern practical design. Sleek, clean lines that create a de-cluttered feel and promote a stress free zone is vital to get this look. This style of décor also helps with maintenance and cleaning issues whilst the colours and tones create a calming atmosphere. Adopted from the Japanese style of 'less is more' we suggest that you have a big clear out before attempting the minimalist look. Be brutal, if you haven't used a household item for over a year then you're probably never going to use it, so get rid.

Furniture and accessories should be simple yet effective, choose clean lines and simple yet bold colours. LED light fittings are great to add a futuristic feel or go for industrial fittings for a raw unfinished look.

Keep objects and furniture contemporary, artwork and ornaments should be displayed singularly (unless you are wanting to create a feature) and in spacious surroundings. Choose larger objects for a bigger impact such as oversized floor lamps and pendants.

Recessed and strip lights are ideal for the minimalistic approach as they create a super chic slimline effect and can be used on ceilings, stairways, corridors and even recessed into the floor.

Keep your palette as neutral as possible, think fresh whites and off whites, beige and greys. If you really want to add colour then choose a bold tone and stick to complimenting hues.