If you're a lover of Ingo Maurer's quirky style or just a fan of designers home ware then you've come to the right place, we'll help you create a designer inspired interior for your home, focusing our attention on lighting.

The best décor for a Maurer styled home has to be the minimalistic look, your lighting should be centre of attention so don't clutter your room with too many accessories and furniture or the attention will be taken away. Keep colours subtle and fresh, a plain backdrop will make your fitting stand out even more.


Maurer was known for breaking down barriers when it came to his designs, so don't be shy when it comes to choosing a fitting. Designer lighting can sometimes be a little overwhelming and we're not just talking about the price, but with a minimalistic room it's this type of fitting that will make up for the plain spacious look. You also don't need to break the bank when looking at designer styles, our Litecraft Replica Circa range is inspired by the most renowned installations but at a more reasonable price.

Maurer experimented with Halogen and LED so be sure to add this element into your home even if just a simple LED bulb is used in an existing light. Maurer wanted to give light a new meaning not just a source of illumination but also a piece of artwork, a talking point for the home.

LED Dining Table

If you're opting to use just a hint of Maurer in your home then check out our look book at the bottom of the page. For instance, Maurer was a fan of paper particularly the Japanese variety so choose origami inspired fittings, paper lanterns and simple curved paper shades to resemble 'Mahbruky' and 'Zettel'.

Paper Lantern

To add an element of Maurer's famous bulb inspirations choose spherical shaded fittings, glass ball pendants and tangled frames to resemble the curved wire of Maurer's 'Lucellino' and 'Birdie'.

Ingo Maurer

Maurer also worked with crystals, his installation 'Lacrime del Pescatore' features 3 nylon nets stretched across a ceiling scattered with 350 single crystal droplets, translated as Fisherman's tears the fitting took inspiration from a fisherman's net with sea water droplets shimmering in the sun.  With the help of a halogen spotlight shining onto the nylon nets, light reflects from each crystal bouncing an illumination around the room. This design is a lot softer than Maurer's previous work and can easily be replicated, just choose a fitting that features an abundance of crystal droplets, the more the better.