Make your ceiling sparkle with 3 simple Crystal & Glass options

It's crystal season! Crystal and glass ceiling lights have made a comeback over the last few years. Both traditional and contemporary styles add glamour and luxury to every home and help enhance the beauty of a room, whether it’s a shabby country retreat, a rough luxe interior or a vintage boudoir, crystal and glass fittings will fit in just about any décor.

Choosing the right crystal or glass fitting can be tricky; initially you need to look at the size of the space you have and then look at the style of the fitting that best suits your room. Firstly, there are a few things to consider when choosing a ceiling light. In a dining room there should be approx 30 inches between the bottom of the fitting and the table and in hallways allow for approx 7 feet from the bottom of the fitting to the floor.

 Here we look at 3 simple options when choosing a crystal ceiling light…

Crystal Season - Chandeliers

Chandeliers are perfect for larger spaces, as statement pieces and as general focal points, hang over a dining table or bed or as the central point in the lounge area. They can be raised and lowered depending on the height of the ceiling. Chandeliers are great for creating extra light; the crystals will reflect and bounce light around the room. Choose from a range of styles and shapes from ornate antique brass with vintage cut crystal to modern curved crystal in chrome finishes. You can also change the colour of your crystals to suit your décor and season. Chandeliers come in various sizes ranging from 3 armed to 24 arms and even larger so be sure to check the size of your room before you purchase, you don’t want to swamp a room with an overbearing fitting.

Measurement guide

 If a Room measures approx 10' x 10' - choose a chandelier no bigger than 20"

Or if a Room measures approx 12' x 12' - choose a chandelier no bigger than 27"

Also, Rooms measuring approx 14' x 14' - choose a chandelier no bigger than 36"

Pendants, Tiered and Waterfall

For higher ceilings and thinner rooms why not opt for a pendant, tiered or waterfall fitting. You can cluster lights together or display a single drop for a statement. Crystals and glass on pendant lighting vary in style and shape, from ball to flat cut prism. More so, the prism cut style works well in both contemporary and traditional interiors. Single glass global style pendants will fit perfectly within a contemporary surrounding. Crystal tiered fittings are perfect as they cascade down through stairwells bouncing light around each floor. More sore, this style of ceiling light will usually have around 3 to 4 tiers or more depending on your requirements.

Easy Fits

If you’re on a budget, have a smaller room in need of lighting. Or you’re in a rented property and struggling with electrical installments. Then why not opt for a non electrical crystal fitting or easy fit as we like to call them. Many chandelier and pendant ranges offer a cheaper easy fit version. Easily fitted around your existing light bulb, they will produce the same wow factor as an electrical fitting but on a slightly smaller scale.

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