Be inspired : Country Restoration

Whether you’re a countryside lover or a city urbanite, the farmhouse style interior is a trend that has become increasingly popular over the years. The main essence of a country style home is to convey a relaxed, homely atmosphere, with a nostalgic feel. The country restored theme brings together elements of nature combined with retro accessories, think floral and leafy designs, heirlooms and second hand items with gently worn edges, a palette of whites, creams and soft pastels and vintage fabric designs. This week we’re looking at how to achieve the cosy chic interior trend that we like to call Country Restoration.

A classic country style home will use the original characteristics of the house; think exposed wood beams and brick walls, original wood or slate flooring, if your home is a newer build choose strong wood flooring as oppose to the cheaper laminate option. The use of second hand furniture plays a big part in the restored country look; if you’re not lucky enough to obtain an antique heirloom you can find old furniture such as wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and dressers from charity shops, car boot sales, vintage stores and generally any second hand style outlets. To bring furniture up to date, strip back the paint or varnish to its original state and reapply a subtle matt coat of paint, crackle paint is great as it will create a worn rustic vibe by showing the original finish through the new layer of paint.

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Keeping a neutral palette of creams, beige and whites for the walls works best for a country interior, an accent colour can be used through the accessories you choose, subtle pastel colours such as pale blue and pink and muted tones such as greys and greens will compliment best. You will also find that vintage floral designs on teapots and teacups will give your country home that pop of colour. If you have your heart set on a feature wall then choose subtle coloured wallpaper designs, lemon and creams will do the trick with a vintage floral or damask pattern depending on your taste.

Lighting and Accessories

In recent years home ware stores have taken on board this restored country trend so it’s very easy to get this look if you’re not a fan of DIY. When it comes to lighting try to keep in mind practicalities as well as the look, for instance in the kitchen a spotlight recessed or on a bar or plate should really be used for safety, spotlights help create pools of light onto certain areas, we know that this isn’t aesthetically pleasing and not in keeping with the country theme but you can compensate by using more attractive lighting in other areas of the home. For the dining area depending on your ceiling height, a rise and fall or industrial style pendant will add a country feel, try pastel shade pendants to add some colour. If you’re feeling extra vintage then a rustic chandelier will do the trick, they are perfect for creating a statement over the dining table, lounge area and even the bedroom. Choosing cream and gold style or rustic brass chandeliers with a brushed effect will tie in with the country feel.

Last but not least is the accessories, a true country home is not complete without them, they are a great way of adding a hint of colour to your interior, whether it be the pink shades from a jug of flowers, the blue hue from a mason jar, the floral pattern on a teacup candle or an embroidered design on a cushion. There isn’t really a rule when it comes to accessories but generally anything that appears old, pretty, arty and earthy or anything sentimental will go, the key is to create a lived in feel to the home and by collecting antique pieces and throwing unusual styles together you can create an eclectic country feel. Scatter cushions and throws with mixed fabrics and prints for a quirky vibe but keep the colours subtle and make sure they compliment with other accessories around the room.

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