With Nautical and Maritime being big trends on the horizon this summer we wanted to look at their more sophisticated sister with a swoon over Coastal Chic Interiors. This trend is a lot more luxurious with less rope and driftwood accessories and more brass detail. Whilst Maritime focuses on more rustic and industrial vibes, Coastal features polished and refined forms. Think exclusive yacht club, navy and black striped with brass detailing and plain wood panelling.

Be Inspired : Coastal Chic Interior Inspiration

Coastal Chic Interior Inspiration - Colours

Blue and white has always been identifiable as a coastal palette and should be included in this interior. However, it's the tone of blue that will determine whether your home says laid-back nautical or classic coastal. Palettes with sandy, beige and creamy tones will convey a beachy sun-bleached look. Light blue will give a fresh nautical reference . Whilst darker navy tones will give a more 'Hampton-esque', yacht club style. The latter is a lot chicer and more elegant. Add darker tones such as black for a classic look and gold for a more affluent addition. Check out our Coastal Chic Pinterest Board for more inspiration...

Be Inspired : Coastal Chic Interior Inspiration

Coastal Chic Interior Inspiration - Accessories

Accessories play a big part in a coastal interior style. Keep things elegant as oppose to laid-back. Choose gold and brass anchor ornaments and porthole inspired lighting instead of driftwood accessories which allude to a more beachy feel. It's all about sophistication and a more unified sense of style. Light fittings in a brass or gold finish are ideal for a coastal chic interior, think brass portholes, yacht bells and telescopes. Our Antique Brass Pendant Hall Lantern adds a stylish antique addition, install in hall ways with high ceilings for a welcoming entrance. Whilst driftwood accessories will give a great nautical ambience, try to choose more elegant wood finishes such as oak and walnut. Globes will give an adventurous element, choose antique brass finished styles. If you do want to include rope, choose white rope as oppose to natural colours, this will create a unified look.

Coastal Chic Interior Inspiration - Outdoor Lighting Indoors

As coastal interiors are all about the great outdoors and sailing the open seas, there's no stopping you from using outdoor lighting indoors. Whilst this may allude to a more industrial/maritime style, with our new coastal friendly outdoor range you can adopt a classic coastal outdoor style indoors. This new range anchored at the end of last week. Featuring a polycarbonate construction and salt corrosion resistance finish, this range will withstand coastal elements including jets of water. This range consists of a mixture of grey and black round bulkhead inspired wall lights and traditional lantern styles. Placing these indoors will add a unique style to the interior. For more information on our new range, check out our new arrivals post coming soon.

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