Bathrooms are commonly the smallest room in the house. You may think, “oh they must be the easiest to light.” Wrong. They may be the smallest, but they’re also the hardest possible room to light. We’re here to help you resolve your bathroom lighting dilemmas -  thank us later.

The trickiest part of lighting a bathroom is trying to find lights that help with your everyday activities, without causing a hassle in the morning; the last thing you want is any more stress added to your morning routine. From washing your face, shaving or applying make-up, light is important. Well, that’s called task lighting: lighting that aids in the ability to complete a task. Any good bathroom has a good mix of both task lighting and ambient lighting – we’ll get to that later.

Task Lighting Ideas

When it comes to task lighting, there’s several ways in which you can achieve the look you want. Light up vanity, lighted mirrors, backlit lighting: all 3 are amazing task lighting ideas, to name a few. The perfect lighting allows great illuminance while also enhancing the look of the bathroom. Practicality doesn’t always mean you need to compromise style.

Task lighting features should usually be homed around your mirror. There are several reasons for this. First of all, the mirror is where you complete your everyday routines. Secondly, a big mirror and a good light can change up the whole look of your room. Bathrooms are small, but this power couple combination can make your bathroom appear much bigger.

Our IP44 Rated Picture Light with Pull Cord - Chrome is a perfect sleek and modern light that could be implemented as valuable task lighting in any home. Placing this stunning wall light above your mirror will provide you with the perfect downwards light, giving your face a natural glow and allowing you to easily complete your daily tasks.

Ambient Lighting Ideas

Ambient lighting is truly what makes or breaks your room. As the main source of light in ay room, its very important to pick a light that not only looks good aesthetically in your room, but also gives off a mood that fits your home perfectly. When it comes to bathrooms, space is often an issue, which is why we recommend smaller lights for smaller bathrooms. Obviously, if you’re lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom, celebrate that with whichever light you like.

Practical, sleek and perfect for your home. A spotlight bar like our Bolton Bathroom 4 Light LED Flush Ceiling Spotlight Bar - Chrome is the perfect ceiling light for your bathroom. It gives off amazing luminescence yet still remains very close to the ceiling, making it even more perfect for smaller rooms. Your bathroom will look so much bigger with a ceiling light like this. Paired with a large mirror, any bathroom will look far more open and the lighting will be even better.

Mood Lighting

Creating the right mood in a bathroom is very important, but also very challenging. A good mood light can change your bathroom experience entirely, meaning you need to choose very carefully. Imagine having a relaxing bath but then the room is too bright, or too dim, or too cold or too warm. It would be awful, which is why we’re here to provide some inspiration.

Try a shade like our Marquis by Waterford Moy LED Bathroom Pendant – Champagne. A stunning warm bulb can change the entire mood in the room. A nice warm bubble bath would be even better with a dimly lit warm light filling the room while you relax with in the hot soapy water.

We hope you find this blog helpful for inspiration for your bathroom lighting queries.