Even the smallest of outdoor spaces can be transformed into a haven. Luscious greens and relaxing furniture, and balconies are no exception. Get the most out of your balcony and small outdoor spaces with some key lighting and accessories. There are a few elements to consider when decorating your balcony spaces.

Turn your balconies & small outdoor spaces into a haven of luscious plants & twinkling lights with our balcony delights look book...

Balcony Delights : Balcony Lighting and Décor Look Book


Balcony Lighting

Create atmosphere and ambience with carefully chosen lighting. Due to limited space it's best to stick to flush light fittings. Flush wall lights are a great space saving idea as they sit snug against the wall. Choose from contemporary stainless steel designs with minimal detail and sleek lines. Such as our Hamble Outdoor Lantern. Or for a more traditional outdoor look choose one of our rustic bronze and gold fittings. Such as our Philips Hedge Outdoor Wall Light. If classical chic is your taste then one of our white lantern options like our Perry Outdoor Lantern will work best. Wall lights with built in sensors are ideal for lower ground balconies. Iluminating when triggered, these fittings will deter unwanted intruders whilst also offering a guiding light for house guests.

For a more fun and frivolous addition add some fairy and string lights. For enclosed balconies choose our White Feather Boa String Lights. This sweet combination of feathers and twinkling lights can be draped along washing lines. Hung from your patio doors or simply gathered together inside a glass lantern. Alternatively, our Apollo LED Star Solar Lights are more durable and solid so can be used outdoor. Twist around your balcony rail or pillar to add a whimsical touch.

For more ambience fill your balcony with different sized lanterns and candles. Our Philips Large LED CandleLights can be used all year round with a chargeable docking station. With a simple tilt of the candle these little handy gems can be quickly turned on and off. Adding candles to your balcony will add warmth to your summer months and a little romance too. If you're adding plant pots give them an illuminating presence with some solar stick lights. Stick them in your plant pots for an accentuating feature.

Balcony Furniture

Way up the size of your balcony before purchasing furniture. Foldable tables and chairs are your best bet for tight spaces. This style of furniture can be stored away to make room for other activities and to make more space.

Balcony Soft Furnishings

For layering and warmth don't be afraid to add Throws and Cushions. Create your own snug in the sky by scattering cushions on the floor of your balcony, just don't forget to bring them in if it rains. Our Micro Throws give a warm soft hug for those mild summer evenings.

Balcony Foliage

Finally don't forget to ass some green to your small outdoor spaces. Potted plants are great for creating boundaries and concealing any ugly architectural structures whilst also making your areas pretty and vibrant. Succulents are easy to maintain and don't require much watering. So sit back and enjoy your quaint cosy crib in the clouds.

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