Be Inspired: 9 Beautiful Words to celebrate the new season

Consequently we're finally seeing some much needed sun today so what better post to send out than a collection of beautiful words, we celebrate the start of the Spring season and getting you in the mood by sharing some wonderful words and meanings.

Further more type 'beautiful word' into the internet and you're overcome with post after post of sweet sounding synonyms, words with beautiful meanings and phrases that just roll off your tongue. Further more there are lots of beautiful word out there that you may not have ever heard of. In addition there are some words that describe those weird and wonderful feelings in everyday life like the earthy smell after rain (Petrichor) or the word that describes those little sparkles of light you see after rubbing your eyes (Phosphenes). As a result, we picked our favourite words that we thought best reflected our brand and products with the help of some equally beautiful imagery.

Consequently let us know what you think. What's your favourite word?

Beautiful Word - Incandescence

 Consequently, this means the emission of light by a body as a consequence of raising its temperature


Beautiful Word - Luminescence

The emission of light

9 Beautiful Words - Luminescence

Beautiful Word - Effervescent

To give off bubbles of gas


Beautiful Word - Iridescent

Displaying a play of lustrous colours like those of a rainbow

9 Beautiful Words - Iridescent

Beautiful Word - Scintillant

(Sparkle) to give off flashes of light as a result of the impact of particles or protons


Beautiful Word - Labyrinthine

 Twisting and turning

9 Beautiful Words - Labyrinthine

Beautiful Word - Resplendence

Splendid or dazzling in appearance


Beautiful Word - Lissome

Slender and graceful


Beautiful Words - Opalescent

Exhibiting a milky iridescence like that of an opal


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